Bruce Singer, CPA, CA ( VP, M&A )

Co-Founder of PTC Accounting & Finance, Bruce received his CA in 1980 after graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce from Concordia and receiving his diploma in Accountancy from McGill. With 15 years of experience in CA firms under his belt, Bruce is an expert in and understands the accounting and finance marketplace. He recognized that many large organizations would be receptive to a high-quality, professional recruitment and placement services firm whose sole specialty was the provision of interim accounting and finance resources for contracts, projects and open positions.

As PTC’s visionary, Bruce is always finding new and innovative ways to better serve his clients. He truly understands the importance of his clients’ time and values it. He genuinely cares about his clients, taking a strong interest in their needs and requirements so that he can fulfill them. Bruce is the type of CEO that takes initiative and gets involved in the daily workings of the company; he has gone above and beyond to make the company what it is today.

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