Addressing Employee Survey Fatigue

April 20, 2018

Survey fatigue is becoming a real concern. Employee’s are tired of repeatedly taking surveys. This is an issue because survey fatigue can drastically reduce survey response rates as well the quality of responses. How can we tackle these issues though?

Provide an Incentive
Although they aren’t a requirement, incentives can add a lot of fun and increase employee engagement. Consider having a raffle for those that participate; perhaps giving a new piece of technology or tickets to a hockey game. Incentives are an effective way to motivate and engage employees.

Don’t Waste Time
Don’t ask questions that aren’t of any value. Beforehand, ensure that the question will allow employees to provide information that is beneficial. Even as an icebreaker, questions that are goofy or irrelevant are a waste of time to those participating in the survey, and certainly won’t give you any helpful feedback.

Avoid Using Loaded Words
“My manager is always supportive of my work.” Words such as always and never can alter they way you interpret your results. Although a participant’s boss may usually be supportive of their work, they may not agree that their boss is always supportive.

Include Open-Ended Questions
These are extremely beneficial. It gives participants the opportunity to to elaborate on why they feel the way that they do. It also allows them to voice their opinion and provide informative feedback in regards to different aspects within the company and/or their department.

Senior Buy-Ins
This is a key aspect in ensuring high participation rates. Senior managers should express their beliefs in the importance of the survey. They should announce their support and emphasize on the importance of employee engagement in the survey.

Set your team up for success. Ask them what matters both efficiently and effectively. Make it easy for you and your employees, so that your organization can stay focused on what it’s set out to do.

Contributed by Zeina Agha
Recruitment Manager at PTC Recruiting

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