Business Continuity: A Study of Current Practices

March 15, 2018

Who in your organization is responsible for Business Continuity Planning? Business Continuity is defined as “a plan that enables critical services to be continually delivered to clients after a disruptive event”

According to a recent survey conducted by Ellington Real Estate Ltd., 55% of Business Continuity Plan sponsors are in the Information Technology Department with 33% in Finance and 22% in Human Resources, with some organizations having more than one department sharing responsibility.

Ellington asked for responses to other key questions such as; Does your Organization have a Business Continuity Plan, Who was involved in designing the Plan and If asked, would your employees know how to implement the Plan?

For the full survey results and to learn more about Ellington Real Estate please click on the logo below.

How would your organization answer the survey questions?

Contributed by:
Bernard Granka, Vice President Facilities Services

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