Holiday Season “Slow Down”

December 11, 2017

It is conventional wisdom that the job market slows down in the summer and December holiday season.  But like most conventional wisdom, be careful who you listen to!

It may be true that actual hiring decisions and offers slow down, as decision makers are away, often at different times.  But the activity around a job search – specifically, meeting and networking – does not have to slow down, and may in fact get easier.

Those people who are working through the holidays likely have fewer of their regularly-scheduled meetings happening.  With colleagues away, there are less demands on their time.  So they might just be in the mood for a relaxed conversation!  How will you know if you don’t ask?

So now is the time to scan your list, and reach out to that top group of five to ten people you have been hoping to meet but have not yet been successful.  Send them a friendly holiday message; ask them about any vacation plans.  And mention that, while you do plan to take time with friends and family, you also plan to keep your job search active, and this might be a great week for a coffee if they are available.

If you ask ten, and get two positive responses, that is two more than if you had asked none!  And from the others you may learn of some interesting vacation plans that you can ask about the next time you reach out.

Happy Holidays and best of success for 2018.

Contributed by Steve Rosen
Managing Director at PTC Recruiting

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