How small businesses can benefit from hiring interns

September 13, 2017

Students are always on the lookout for work experience. They seek out internships and skill-building opportunities in an attempt to broaden their horizon and expand their knowledge. You may be interested in hiring interns, but aren’t sure if they’re a better choice than some of your other options, like hiring a part-time or temporary employee. Contrary to the belief that hiring interns is just for the bigger companies, smaller and startup companies can really benefit from hiring interns, here’s why:

Fresh Ideas and Vision

When you hire an intern, they bring new ideas to the table. They will bring a fresh perspective into your business. These young, talented individuals are vibrant, eager to learn, and ready to bring in fresh and innovative ideas.  Similar to your company, interns are starting out small, but have the potential to grow. Never underestimate what they can bring to the table. You never know, they may have the next big picture idea for your business.

Interns are Hired with Little Disbursement by the Company

Investing in qualified professionals is crucial for the success of a small business. However, not every task needs to be managed by a professional. Instead, a small business can benefit from using low cost interns to manage more of the routine functions—functions that don’t require years of experience, but skills that interns would perfect in order to build their resumes. Companies can avoid the costs of salaries by using interns. Often, training will be the only cost associated with hiring interns, which in turn is a small price to help a small business achieve its goals.

Interns are Great with New Technology

Interns tend to be really good with new technology and media. They can assimilate easy with the latest technological trends that may be useful for your company’s growth. Many companies with moderately older employees tend to have a harder time training them in order to adapt to the latest trends. This is where interns can come in and fill the technological gaps the business needs. They may also potentially teach the older employees what they know about modern computing techniques, which could ultimately improve the company’s productivity as a whole. Not only are they able to intuitively learn a variety of program functions, but they are also motivated to learn specific programs that ultimately support their skill sets and build their resumes.

Interns Generate Brand Awareness

Lastly, hiring an intern creates a brand ambassador for your small business. They are expanding their knowledge and learning valuable skills while interning. If they have a positive experience, chances are they will talk about. With that being said, they’ll be asked questions about their new job, such as: “Where are you working now?”

“What does your company do?”

“Do you enjoy it?”

Without realizing it, your business has created greater brand awareness. Your intern acts as a brand ambassador by telling their family and friends about their new job through word-of-mouth and social media.

Interns bring a unique and fresh set of skills to the table. A proper internship program can generate a pool of potential new hires for your company. Prioritizing intern placement can really drive the growth and success of your small business.

Contributed by Zeina Agha
Administrative Assistant at PTC Recruiting

For more information about Zeina click on this picture

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