How ‘Year End’ Stress Can Kill You!

July 24, 2015

Stress Stress Stress

Everyone uses this word so loosely but there are different types of stress that affect our health in awful ways. How stressed are you at ‘year end’?

Some of the biggest challenges businesses face at year end are:

-Not allowing enough time to complete your year end finances
-Technological road blocks

-not understanding your software to the fullest
-Lack of help/support to meet your deadlines

The stress incurred from these things can range from psychological stress or ‘burnout to muscle pain.According to Health Canada’s, Healthy Living, It’s Your Health;  the health effects from stress can range from heart disease to some types of bowel disease to mental illness. Cardiologists are finding that the spike of adrenaline from being stressed can cause symptoms of a heart attack. Prolonged exposure to these types of stresses can indeed kill you.

There are many ways to avoid these situations such as:

•    Creating a schedule for completion of all the things you require for month end. This way everything is not left to the last minute.
•    Resources to help train staff on the software you use
•    Hiring specialized interim people who will surely make your year end process run much smoother.


PTC can help alleviate your stress. Have you considered hiring a specialized person to come analyze, fix the mess or just help get your financial department on track? Did you know PTC offers a minimum 10 day start-up guarantee plus additional ones for commitment and performance?  We can help businesses reduce their risk and stress by helping them make better hiring decisions. We do this with a sense of urgency and utmost regard to our clients needs.  Let us help you reduce your stress.  PTC provides finance and accounting professionals for contracts at all levels.  For those of you who are overloaded and swamped because of the current situation at your company let us help your reduce your stress by speaking to your hiring manager or getting you in the right role that you deserve.


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