“It’s Not My Job”: The Ultimate Career Killer

November 15, 2017

The “it’s not my job:  attitude can be so prevalent in the workplace. It isn’t the mindset of a team player. It’s simply the mindset of someone who is doing the minimum required of them to collect a paycheck. This career-limiting habit refers to the overall mindset of people who resist taking on additional work when it’s truly needed for the company’s success. There are times when we’re asked to step out of our day-to-day job functions to support others, that’s what it means to be on a team.

Let’s look at the phrase “it’s not my job” in a new light. This statement would be a positive start to a sentence, if we all worked in an environment that focused on personal growth and responsibilities. Your role as a leader is not to enforce job functions. Your role is to train quality, productive employees who have a mission-oriented mindset. This type of environment will have employees saying “it’s not my job—it’s my mission”. It’s this attitude that separates flourishing companies from those that are struggling to achieve goals.

As leaders, how can you promote a mission-framed mindset?

For starts, you want to create a mission-focused environment.

  • Don’t focus too much on managing job descriptions. Identify the “why”. The purpose will give meaning to the company’s mission and vision.
  • Promote a side-by-side work culture. This creates an environment where employees feel that they are working towards achieving a mission together as a team.

It’s vital to take the time to coach employees to identify their role within the mission.

  • No doubt, there are specific duties that are assigned to each employee. However, it shouldn’t stop there. Help your employees see the bigger picture, and encourage them to consider how they compliment the mission.

Consider cross training.

  • Team success becomes more important than individual success. When employees have a better understanding of other roles within the team, and are able to function in those roles when needed, they become more open to doing whatever it takes to accomplish the mission.

Having the mindset of resisting taking on additional work is a very career-limiting habit, especially when the work is needed in order for the team to succeed.  There are times when we all have to pitch in and do a little more to support others, even if it’s not specifically in our job description. That’s what it means to be on a team. Ultimately, at some point in the future, your team will return the favor.

When you look at it through a different lens, everyone’s job within an organization is the same. That job is to work collaboratively towards achieving what the company is set out to do.

Contributed by Zeina Agha
Administrative Assistant at PTC Recruiting

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