Millennials in the Workplace

November 15, 2017

There are many similar conversations in the media that have been focused on the Millennial Generation; who are now officially the largest generation in the Canadian workforce. Much of this conversation is centered around their attitudes, values and what companies are doing to attract this young talent to their companies.

Individuals outside of the Millennial age group have made careers informing companies what they believe that Millennials want, and why. Instead of listening to third parties and their ideas about what attracts these young professionals to companies and how to keep their loyalty, Ellington reached out to three Millennials for their feedback and input. Below are the three most impactful insights from that discussion:

1. Contrary to the new “hot desk or hoteling” trend, Millennial staff prefer to have their own dedicated desk or work area.
2. Interaction and collaboration with their seniors is highly valued as a way to learn and to progress within their respective fields.
3. Extra common areas such as games rooms and lounge areas in the office space are valued if the senior or upper management also make use of the areas themselves.

Contributed by Scott Mulligan
Partner, Ellington

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