Part 2: How to land a job without networking

July 24, 2015

In our last blog we discussed how networking is often touted as the only way to land a job, with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics stating that 70% of all jobs are found through networking and other sources  such as ABC news stating statistics as high as 80%. We discussed how to decide if putting your energies into networking was right for you.  Perhaps you fall into the 20-30% of folks who do not rely on networking as their primary source of  your job finding , what are other things you can utilize in order to optimize your job search?

This past October, an article appeared on  LearnVest  outlining  “4  Ways to Land a Job…Without Networking”.


Cover All Your Bases


Michelle Shapiro writes “First you need to find the right job openings. General job sites like Craigslist and Workopolis can be helpful, but also look for more specialized sites tailored to your industry”. For example, if you are a specialized professional you can check out many of niche networks now offered online. For example, if you are an HR professional Workopolis coordinates with the HRPA hire authority to post jobs to members. The same exists for the Canadian Payroll Association, and a multitude of others.  is one of the best job boards for non-profits and if you’re seeking contract or temporary work, seek out specialized organizations. It’s all about being able to narrow down what you need, and then hammering away in a specific direction.



Customize each application


The second suggestion revolves around tailoring each resume to each specific job application.  Shapiro writes “Applying to 50 jobs in one day may make you feel accomplished, but continually submitting the same cookie-cutter resume and cover letter won’t yield results.”. Arguably it is more efficient  to apply to 3-4 jobs really well, than 50 so-so. Quality over quantity.


Troubleshoot Early

If you are applying to jobs and are not getting results, don’t be afraid to take a step back and troubleshoot. Showing your resume to your friends, family or colleagues may be a good idea. Sometimes a fresh set of eyes can catch an area that needs improvement that you haven’t seen yourself. If you have a good relationship with a recruiter, this could be a good place to seek advice as well. Oftentimes recruiters will give you some brief resume tips


Reach out to a recruiter


If you can offer a specialized skill it can be beneficial to reach out to a recruiter. A recruiter may not always have a role available that is tailored to your skills, but it’s always good to ask. In the future, they may very well think of you when a certain role opens up.


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