PTC Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Perfect Presents for Accountants

July 23, 2015

Are you wondering what the perfect gift would be for an accountant this holiday season? We did the legwork and went around the office surveying our team of accountants. Some initial responses ranged from luxury cars to extravagant vacations (which we’re guessing aren’t gifts they’re likely to get this holiday season…), so we narrowed down the criteria, and asked them to focus on items that can be used within the confines of the office or on their way to work. That allowed us to narrow down the 10 best items you’ll want to surprise a loved one, friend, colleague, coworker – or possibly add to a wish list of your own.
The list caters to all budgets and all items are guaranteed to make Accountants happier while doing all that exciting number crunching.

We hope you find it helpful.

Do you have other suggestions or funny stories about Holiday shopping that you’d like to share? Drop us a comment or shoot us an email: we’d love to hear!

1) “Trust me I’m a CPA” Coffee Mug (approx. $18)

Nothing like walking around the office putting everyone’s doubts to rest with your designation splashed right on your cup.  You’ve earned it, time to show it off.

Buy Me: Trust Me I’m a CPA Coffee Mug


2) Lenovo X1 Carbon (approx. $1000)

Light, portable, durable, lightning fast SSD, biometric security and capable of being linked to a multi-screen dock. Comes pre-loaded with Windows 8.1 Professional so it can be added to your companies’ domain. (Whether they’ll let you do that is beyond this articles scope) But we’ll tell you one thing: Your IT guy will be your new best friend.

Buy Me: Lenovo X1 Carbon Laptop


3) Nespresso VertuoLine Coffee System with Aeroccino (approx. $350)

Tired of hearing about how crappy the office coffee maker is? Well here’s your chance to make that closet barista shine. Cappuccinos and Lattes mid macro! The quality of coffee served is exceptional and the price per puck is cheaper than going out for a coffee without sacrificing flavor (accountants appreciate that).

Buy Me: Nespresso VertuoLine Coffee System with Aeroccino


 4) VariDesk Standing Desk (approx. $350)

Long hours at the office getting those reports in check? Sitting for hours doesn’t do your health any favours. A standing desk will give you the option to stand or sit. It’s the perfect way to increase your energy, health and productivity.

Buy Me: Varidesk Pro Standing Desk


5) Office Runner Wireless Headset (approx. $320) 

You can walk up to 400 feet away from your desk while on a call, this is the perfect gift for the ultra-busy accountant who needs to multitask in order to keep-up (or you can always call us up, we’d be more than happy to help you..)

Buy Me: Office Runner Wireless Headset


6) Brugo Spill-Proof Travel Mug (approx. $20)

Having issues keeping your coffee from spilling during your morning commute? Do us all a favour and indulge in a spill proof mug, the guy sitting next to you on the subway appreciates it as well as your pristine shirt.

Buy Me: Brugo Spill Proof Travel Mug


7) Targus USB Keypad (approx. $20) 

So the office gave you a new laptop to do your work, it’s really pretty and all; but what’s up with not having a numeric keypad? Who in management hates you that much? No need to fret, get yourself a numeric USB keypad and crunch away.

Buy Me: Targus USB Keypad


8) Targus 16” Rolling Laptop Case (approx. $70) 

Tired of lugging around the laptop case on your shoulder everywhere or finding that it doesn’t have enough space for all the extras you need to carry? Consider a rolling laptop case, easy on the back and shoulders and looks pretty cool.

Buy Me: Targus 16″ Rolling Laptop Case


9) Fellowes Professional Dual Monitor Stand: (approx. $230)

One of the favorites around the office by our accounting pros is the dual monitor setup. Facebook on one screen and office work on the other screen. (Well maybe not Facebook..)

Buy Me: Fellowes Professional Dual Monitor Stand


10) Serta Danbury Leather Massage Chair with Heater (approx. $130)

This chair sells itself it even comes with heated lombar support; have fun staying awake at the office..

Buy Me: Serta Danbury Leather Massage Chair with Heater

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