Smart Staffing Series: Accommodating In-Demand Employee Benefits

September 03, 2019

Attracting (and most importantly, retaining) top talent isn’t simply a matter of “upload a posting and wait for the applications to roll in.” The most skilled professionals have their pick of options, so to get them to consider you as a potential employer, your benefits package must be appealing. A common assumption is that a high salary is most important, but that’s not necessarily the case – in fact, more than half of employees surveyed stated they would be somewhat likely to take a job with a lower compensation offer in exchange for better benefits. Learn more about the most in-demand employee benefits to help you accommodate top talent: 

Work-Life Balance  

Benefits that aid employees in maintaining work-life balance, such as being flexible with schedules and allowing remote work, are in such high demand that many employees find them more valuable than a higher paycheck. Recent research indicates that 80-90% of workers would like to work remotely at least part time. Millennials enjoy remote work options because they are accustomed to blurring the line between work and home life. Gen X-ers like the independence it offers.  

More Paid Time Off  

Another in-demand benefit is more paid time off – and the ability to actually use it without being frowned upon or seen as uncommitted. Approximately 40% of employees reported one of their top desired benefits was for more paid time off for longer periods, such as leaves of absences or sabbaticals. 


The quality of employer retirement plans are of significant concern to employees, as more than 60% report their primary retirement savings is their employer retirement plan. And with more than half also worried about having enough for retirement, providing options for top-tier retirement plans can alleviate their concerns and make them more committed. Boomers, in particular, are interested in retirement-focused benefits as many of them may be playing catchup with fewer years to work with. 

Wellness Initiatives  

Physical and mental health issues can cause significant stress on employees and impact their ability to work. Wellness initiatives, such as offering healthy snack options, education on health topics, smoking cessation and weight loss programs appeal to the majority of workers. More than 50% of employees stated their employers should actively encourage workers to have healthier lifestyles.  

How Competitive is your Employee Benefits Package?

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