The Key to Differentiation: Your Employees!

For many companies, finding points of differentiation is a struggle as they compete in a generally oversaturated landscape of similar businesses. Your service offering alone will not get you very far nor will a fancy new, avant-garde website. So how can you crush your competition and be the first-choice company for your customers? Start from within: recognize that your employees and those you hire are key to setting your company apart.   

Think of employees as your brand ambassadors. The more they believe in your mission and the more passionate they are about it, the better they will pitch it and provide more effective customer outreach. Let’s not forget that 93% of customers are more likely to make repeat purchases with companies who offer excellent customer service. (Hubspot Research)

Below we share 3 tips to empowering your employees and turning them into exceptional brand ambassadors:   

Communicate and keep communicating: Maintain open lines of communication at all times.  Inclusive communication and feedback build understanding and respect within the workplace while keeping everyone engaged. Employees also need to have the right information to be able to share your brand’s story and deliver a consistent message. 

Recognize and Acknowledge: Boost employee morale, regularly with positive, upbeat messages and company events.  Embrace a culture of self-improvement by supporting professional development initiatives and reward accomplishments with special gestures. Celebrate successes and share losses together as this binds employees and creates a greater sense of belonging. 

Encourage Brand Stewardship – Create opportunities for employees to promote your brand through social media and allow them to be the voice (make sure it’s a positive voice!). Motivate employees to share your story through videos or podcasts, and encourage them to share authentic content that is relevant to your brand.

Treat ALL employees like partners and hire with emphasis on cultural fit and personality.  Show your customers that you’re different through their positive interaction with your staff, something that will impress them a lot more than anything else.