How to Differentiate Yourself Through Personal Branding

Professional growth is about more than what you can do – it’s about how you are seen by those who are influential in your career. Whether you want to get in the running for a promotion or attract more clients, you have to make it crystal clear who you are and what sets you apart from others in your same line of work. The way to stand out is by marketing yourself via developing a personal brand, or actively cultivating a perception of yourself among others. Differentiate yourself through personal branding with these tips:

Develop Your Message

First things first: Before you can build a personal brand, you have to pinpoint precisely what differentiates you from other finance professionals. Is it your passion, personality traits or unique professional history? Answer the question of what makes you different and develop a set message that you will consistently aim to convey across channels to build your brand.

Establish an Online Presence

Take control of your image by establishing an online presence, such as an industry blog or professional website. You can write about your areas of specialty in an authoritative manner and use your authentic voice through your communication style. When prospective employers or clients search online, they’ll learn who you are by the content you personally curated. 

Strengthen Your Voice on Social

While other online channels tend to be more polished, social media is the ideal opportunity to showcase who you really are professionally and make you memorable. Get involved in conversations on industry topics on LinkedIn, post your thoughts about current trends and news on Twitter, etc. The more you interact as yourself on social media, the more it will strengthen your voice and personal branding.

Participate in Public Forums

Volunteer or accept any invitations for public speaking in a professional setting, such as finance conferences. Speaking to a captive audience of your peers or superiors gives you an up close and personal chance to demonstrate your industry knowledge and personality. The more you participate in public forums, the more you are solidifying your brand.

Network Consistently

Go the grassroots method of differentiating yourself through personal branding by reframing what it means to network. Networking isn’t just about schmoozing at official industry networking events – every conversation you have, even just a brief interaction in the breakroom at work or speaking up and asking questions at a meeting, is a chance to form relationships and build awareness of who you are.

Put Your Personal Branding To Good Use

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