Make a Statement: Best Practices for Marketing Your Finance Skills

Having the right finance qualifications isn’t necessarily enough to grab the attention of hiring managers. When you’re up against numerous other candidates with similar backgrounds, you have to put in the extra effort to standing out. Make a statement and get noticed by hiring managers throughout each step of the job search process – market your finance skills by following these best practices:

Craft an Online Brand

Hiring managers often like to perform a preliminary online screening of candidates, so be cognizant of this and give them something compelling to see. Craft an online brand, such as by hosting a financial blog or regularly posting industry-related commentary via social media. This will position you as a strong, authoritative voice and make hiring managers remember you more than the “resume only” competition.

Highlight Your Non-Financial Skills

It may seem like a paradox, but one of the best ways to market yourself effectively as a finance candidate is to highlight all your non-financial skills. This is because companies don’t hire finance candidates to work and exist within their departmental bubble – they want someone who can integrate their finance skills to benefit the greater good of the organization. Whether crafting your resume or responding during an interview, make it a point to include examples of non-financial skills, such as communication, project management, creativity and ethics.

Compile Quantifiable Accomplishments

Marketing 101 calls for publicizing the selling points of a product. As a finance candidate, you are the product, so you need to spread the word on what makes you different from the competition and be prepared to integrate that message as often as possible. Don’t rely on subjective points (for example, anyone can say they’re a hard worker or a motivated self-starter) – instead, compile objective, quantifiable accomplishments, such as specific percentages of revenue increase or accuracy rates, and use them in your cover letter, resume and interview responses.

Have a Story to Tell

The most effective forms of marketing tell a story, because narratives are more memorable than a listing of facts and accomplishments. Apply this concept to marketing your finance skills, especially in the cover letter and interview. Be able to describe what led you to pursue a finance career, the up and down trajectory of your experience, and where you want to go (ideally, the position for which you are applying).

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