Taking the Next Step in Your Accounting Career

March 29, 2019

Once you’ve successfully broken into the accounting field and gained valuable experience, you may start to wonder what’s next for your career. To advance professionally, you need to prioritize your goals and put in the effort to do what it takes to move upward, in addition to balancing your day-to-day obligations. Take the next step in your accounting career with these tips:

Audit Your Skills

Technology is the future of accounting, so if you want to move up in your career, ensure you have the necessary skills to adapt. From the growth in big data and artificial intelligence (AI) to blockchain technology, the way accounting firms do business will have to change due to demand from their client base.

Perform an audit of your current skills. If you’re not currently experienced in adapting to new technology, now is the time to start learning so you’ll be a marketable candidate for advancement. If your workplace doesn’t offer training in these areas, be proactive and invest in courses or reading up on these topics on your own time.

Differentiate Yourself

Professional branding can have a major impact on your accounting career, especially as you aim to progress upward in the field. In the age of social media and online review sites, a strong reputation is crucial both to stand out to potential clients and be considered for higher-level accounting positions.

Differentiate yourself through building a professional brand – determine your core values and where your passions lie within accounting, then curate that image through your professional interactions, as well as what you post on online platforms you utilize. You will be noticed and taken seriously for promotion opportunities.

Ways to start building your professional brand as an accountant include writing white papers or blog posts; being active on LinkedIn or other social media; and participating in accounting organizations.

Vocalize Your Goals

Accounting is a field with many opportunities for growth, but many accountants enjoy the stability of their current roles. Don’t assume your desired career path is known by your boss. Instead, take the initiative and vocalize your desire to advance professionally. When opportunities for gaining experience in specific areas or actual promotions are available, you will have already set the foundation for getting yourself in the running for consideration.

Expand Your Horizons

Your options may be limited if you only focus on trying to advance your accounting career at your current employer. Expand your horizons and see what opportunities may be out there. Consider working with an accounting staffing company to help you learn about what positions and employers are out there who can help you take that next step.

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