Gerald Eger ( Senior Manager, Recruiting )

Gerald joined PTC in 2001 as a Recruiter and brings over 10 years of experience to the table in the recruitment and placement of accounting and finance professionals; he also has a strong background himself in accounting & finance, which enables him to quickly assimilate clients’ technical requirements as well as accurately assess candidates’ skillsets.

Gerald truly enjoys the fast pace that is contract placement and is in his element at PTC when having to multi-task and juggle ever-changing priorities.

Gerald gains a great deal of personal satisfaction from helping people – working with candidates to help them find roles that are interesting and challenging and that are well suited to their skills and abilities.

Gerald truly enjoys acting as a consultant to candidates and clients and building all-important relationships, asking appropriate questions to understand their needs in order to uncover the key elements that will ensure a successful match between client and candidate every time.

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