The 3pm Slump

July 24, 2015

Tired in the afternoon?

You wake up to the sun beaming down through your blinds, jump out of bed into your work clothes and then the car. You are ready to take on the day, full of optimism and DRIVE. You hammer away through your morning emails, phone calls and meetings, really giving it your all. You reward yourself for all your hard work by going to a nice lunch with a few favorite coworkers; you have a carb heavy mouth-watering meal fit for a king!

Returning back to your desk refreshed and invigorated you are ready to get back to the grind. And then it happens… eyelids heavy, stomach growling, attention span fading, you feel like a kindergartener ready for a nap. What happened to the energized adult you were merely an hour ago?

Cassie Kipper, an Equinox Coach and a registered dietician says “Eating raises your body’s core temperature as the body works to digest and metabolize your food,” Kipper explains. A few hours post-meal, your core body temperature drops, signaling your brain to release melatonin, this causes you to feel tired”. Furthermore, a carb heavy lunch can cause blood sugar to rise and drop more quickly than usual causing grogginess, Kipper says, “If your lunch was carbohydrate-heavy and didn’t contain enough protein and fiber, the blood sugar can rise and drop even more quickly, causing you to feel groggy.”

Many of us take this grogginess as a sign to reach for a coffee or a candy bar (both things that offer a quick sugar burst and energy rush). Although this provides relief it is a short-term solution causing another quick crash shortly after. However, there are much better choices to keep your energy leveled.

Next time when you are slumped, reach instead for: A piece of Fruit with tablespoons of peanut butter A handful of almonds and a handful of grapes Cheese slices and whole what crackers A handful of trail mix Six ounces of Greek yogurt Reaching for these foods will provide relief in the long run.

The 3pm slump does not have to be inevitable!


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