The Mind of the Recruiter

November 15, 2017

The Mind of the Recruiter
Gerald Eger – Senior Manager, Recruiting

How do you know when you’ve met a Superstar Candidate?

You know when someone is “personality plus”. It’s not all about having an impressive resume, it’s also about having a good, positive attitude and energy in the interview, having confidence in your skills and abilities, communicating your experience effectively and having good work-related examples to support what you’re saying.

Meeting a candidate with the right skill set and experience is obviously important, but at the same time many seem to forget that skills can be learned and experience can be gained. A client may want XYZ but a candidate with XY and an upbeat personality can still land the role based on how they present in the interview.

Skills can be learned, personality can’t. I look beyond the qualifications on a resume and see the bigger picture. As a recruiter, when presenting a candidate to a client, I’m presenting you as a person—not a piece of paper. The right skill set with a shining personality goes a long way in securing you that dream job.

What’s the biggest ‘no-no’ for Candidates?

There are a few points that come to mind. I would say one of the biggest no-no’s for me would be a lack of eye contact during an interview. Like I said before, personality plays a major key in the selection process. Eye contact is all about building that connection with someone.

I would also say a lack of openness and honesty with your recruiter, especially regarding other opportunities you have on the go. You should want to build a long-term relationship with a recruiter, and thinking just about the current role you’re pursuing is short-sighted. Knowing about other opportunities you’re pursuing/interviewing for helps me hone in on exactly what you’re looking for, which will only benefit you, both now and in the future. I pride myself on being open and honest with all my candidates. If you return the favor, you will get the best possible service.

One last point worth mentioning would be applying to every job posting an agency has, hoping that one will “stick” based on sheer numbers. You can’t be a fit for everything. It just doesn’t work that way.


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