The Mind of the Recruiter

October 12, 2017

Most people don’t like Recruiters, how do you deal with that every day?

I do hear that a lot; it seems to be trending these days. It gives me a bit of a thrill to have the opportunity to set our firm apart from the rest.

Whenever anyone expresses disdain for Agencies or Recruiters my antenna goes up. I want to know what their experience has been, and I want to know what other Agencies are doing to make people feel this way.

I hear “I met with the Recruiter and then never heard back…” or just a lack of follow up after being engaged in client interview process.

For me it’s all about relationships. I do my part to provide Candidates with realistic expectations on how our firm may or may not be able to assist them with their career efforts. The Job Market is hot these days, so I do my best to provide context and give honest feedback.

Sometimes we meet people that just don’t have the skills or experience needed for a particular job. I really appreciate their time, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be considered for the role; I prefer being honest.

I keep people informed during and after the interview process so we’re not disconnected. It’s my job to share information and make sure my Candidates know what’s going on with the job opportunity they’re being considered for.

Cover letter or no cover letter? Why?

I would say they’re obsolete.

Cover letters are usually very subjective in content and in large part speak to one’s own impressions of themselves.

I want to meet you in person, and assess firsthand what you’re made of. I want to be able to use my impressions, along with the insights we get from managerial references to provide Hiring Managers with a Snapshot of who you are and what you’ve done; I’m able to articulate my finding based on candidate meetings and interactions, not cover letters.

Natalie Wozencroft – Manager, Recruiting

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