The Perfect Fit

July 24, 2015

Something tangible or just a feeling?

As a recruiter we often have to scrutinize our candidates for “the Perfect Fit”. I’ll be the first to admit that this can oftentimes be frustrating because the criteria for the “Fit” are all based on “feel”; how does this person comes across, are they ambitious, cordial, well spoken, hard working, knowledgeable, and capable?

However, as recruiters, we challenge “Fit” and wonder how do you come to this determination. I have come to know that “Fit” person is based on a blank silhouette that is created in ones mind about what that “Fit” is- based on years of relationships with individuals within the different levels of certain organizations.

Now you might be asking yourself WHY are you writing all of this? It’s because there has been no other day better than today that really exemplifies how truly important “Fit” is to any organization, and here’s a perfect example why. As some of you- sports lovers-may have heard, the Toronto Maple Leafs, operated by the MLSE, which is in turn owned by Rogers Communication and Bell Globemedia, fired the President and GM of the Team yesterday. This wasn’t done because Brian Burke didn’t have the right credentials, or the expertise, or the history of building teams to be successful. This was done for one main reason, it was LACK OF FIT. Every sports analyst and commentator across Canadian Sports has echoed the same sentiment; they are surprised this had not happen months ago when Rogers and Bell first took over ownership. Both these organizations operate in a very similar manner when it comes to corporate culture and operations and he was just not their kind of guy. Though an incredibly capable individual, Burke was not very friendly to or in the media, he always seemed to be in a bad mood, he was stand-offish, and it is said that he preferred to be a solitary worker.

So how important is Fit? It’s important enough to get you fired from the top job at the most valuable franchise in the National Hockey League.

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