Tips for Hiring Managers

October 12, 2017

Why do companies pay for the Services of an external Staffing Partner (individual, firm, agency, etc.)? Couldn’t they find the people themselves on LinkedIn or Indeed, or just have HR to do it?

You could rely on HR or use LinkedIn (and other job boards), however the reason Hiring Managers use our Services (or the services of other specialty firms) is because of the caliber of Candidates we have access to.
When you rely on Job Boards or Networking platforms, you’ll typically mostly find the active job seekers; whereas because of our relationships (and the time/money/resources we’ve invested over the years) we can tap into a ‘hidden market’ talent pool of passive Candidates.

Also, HR departments and Talent Acquisition staff tend to have other responsibilities, which truthfully means you’re search will only get part of their attention and dedication.

Our processes will improve the chances of making the right hire. Most Hiring Managers understand it’s worth investing a little money up front to get the right person.

Different age groups have different priorities; how much emphasis should be placed on ‘years of experience’?

Companies are focused on years of experience, no doubt; 99% of qualifying questions are related to ‘how many years of experience’ Candidates have in a certain industry, using a particular software or performing a specific job function.

In my opinion, it’s always better when Hiring Managers remain flexible. The Job Market is hot right now and it’s best not to rule out Candidates that might be Superstars, based only on ‘years of experience’.

Michael Kay – Executive VP

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