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September 13, 2017

It never ceases to amaze me how highly qualified many candidates are from outside Canada. They have excellent education from abroad. Many have immigrated to Canada for a better life for their family and they are willing to start their lives over again, knowing they will be living in a peaceful country. To assist in their endeavors the Canadian Government has a list of companies who can assist with the evaluation of international credentials.

There is a fee for the service which varies within each organization. It is well worth the investment for newcomers to Canada, it helps to get them on the fast track to employment sooner.

The following is a list of organizations who can evaluate education as well as some other services, they can be contacted to find out how they can help.

• World Education Services (WES) – This is the most common evaluation seen on resumes. It helps employers to determine the equivalent education that Canadians are familiar with. You can evaluate degrees as well as post-secondary school diplomas from outside Canada. The evaluation report will assist with employment, education, immigration, post-secondary education, licensing and apprenticeship training.

• Comparative Education Service (CES) at the University of Toronto – Evaluates academic credentials that you earned outside of Canada. CES assessment letters can help Canadian employers, academic institutions, and professional licensing bodies understand the equivalency of your academic credentials. It evaluates academic credentials earned outside Canada. If you contact them they can assist with and confirm any specific requirements.

• International Credentials Assessment Service (ICAS) – They will provide a report that describes the education completed outside Canada. They will evaluate your credentials from secondary school, post-secondary schools as well as your technical qualifications.

For additional information check out the website at:

Great news for designated Accountants!

In addition to this, many accounting designations from around the world, are becoming available to verify online. This is due to technology and accessibility which is ‘welcome news’ to hard working candidates who have advanced their education and continued in their studies to earn their Accounting Designations. PTC Recruiting verifies accounting designations from Canada, the U.S. and many other countries around the world as part of their services to clients!

Contributed by Joan Alalouf
Shared Services Coordinator at PTC Recruiting

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